Mis-recognized found devices

Hi All - and support!

Still LOVING my sense, however recently found devices have been mis-recognized as other devices when they turn on.

For example, this morning a device found as “Dryer1” (I’m still working on seeing if its actually a component of my electric dryer) showed that it was on, but was actually the water heater (confirmed). So I went into the sense app and reported a problem for “Dryer1” and said that it wasn’t on. It then put that power (a little over 4 kilowatts) into the “Other” category.

In the past, the water heater was correctly identified and showed as “on” when it was actually on. I’m worried now that it won’t show up again as “Water Heater” and will now remain in the “other” category. I don’t believe there is a way to re-assign it back to the correct device - so what are my options? Do I do a full reset of Sense and let it re-detect all my devices again? To be honest - my device list is now a mess with found motors and heat devices that never stay on long enough for me to correctly merge them to their main components. My only fear is loosing my solar data for the year if I do a reset.

All your help would be most appreciated!

PS - Installed Sense in October 2018 and it still hasn’t detected my January 2013 Tesla Model S 85kwh hooked up to a Tesla High Power Wall Connector charging at 48amps! Would LOVE to get that detected - I really want to track its power use since I put 60+ kWh into it DAILY!


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Just wait it out. Over time, if your water heater has been correctly detected, the report g generally improves. If it’s being conflated with something like your dryer, that usually improves also. If you can catch the conflation in the act and use “this device is not on”, that can help speed things up but I would not reset anything.
We all go through the mindset of thinking we can help Sense. We can really only use the reporting it’s not on and that’s it. I would not recommend any type of reset for just a few devices that are still early in the process being confusing with each other.
Be patient as hard as it’s is. I always go at least 2 weeks of steady problems before deleting a device.

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As @samwooly1 says. wait it out. I have similar issue going on. Had a previously correctly detected toaster oven reporting great. Used my electric smoker on Mother’s Day. Tried to get in and monitor it’s usage to find it was reporting as the toaster oven. Didn’t read about the “this device is not on” reporting until today. I’m going to try that next time I use the smoker.

I have to disagree. over time recognition for identified devices just goes downhill. 2-3 months after I bought sense it had my dehumidifier identified perfectly ever time. 7 minute run every 15 minutes.
it would recognize this entire cycle
a year and half later, it sees it as 300 individual spikes over the course of 7 minutes. it’s absurd. You know i’ve tried deleting devices. but it keeps redetecting them 3 days later as the same thing.

I think a data purge is necessary. but I don’t want to lose my history. I think it is time to message support.

@KingAZ I hate to be mr. negativity. but reporting device not on never seemed to help in my case. that feature has been around for a long time now.

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I am also finding this to be the case as well. Previously identified items that were 100% correct are now misreporting, or not at all when device is running. I’m not actually certain what happens when one designates an erroneous detection as “device not on” does?

I have the same issue. I have two dehumidifiers. One is labeled “Grey” and one is labeled “white”. For many months it shows them accurately coming on and off - separately and correctly. About 2 months ago, i saw only the “white” one coming on and off on the app. they grey one was still there but the sense just thinks the white one is going on and off and reporting it that way when in reality they are still both coming on and off. i guess it doesn’t like grey??

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I think, and I may be wrong, but it just seems like the data is more detailed than it used to be. the “now” chart that shows the line graph, it just appears like it collecting the data more precisely, and updating more frequently.

If this is true, then I imagine that would contribute to the confusion. whereas before it was big spike then leveling off for 5 minutes. now it is big spike (and then a couple of small spikes at the peak of the spike), and the really bumpy/noisy for 5 minutes. and that would look more confusing.

but it may just be my imagination.