Wrong detection

I am about a month in with 5 devices detected. My water heater was one of the first, I have just noticed that when my dryer is running it shows as water heater being on. Using the app under Report a Problem > Device is not on, works until the heating element in dryer cycles on again, then its back to showing Water Heater being on.

Is there any fix for this or will it eventually resolve itself?

I have the same issue with the coffee maker, toaster and dishwasher. Only one heat device was discovered last month but when the toaster turns on (double the wattage of the coffee maker) sense shows the coffee maker as turned on. Or when the dishwasher heating element turns on the coffee maker also shows up. The toaster and dishwasher are still unknown devices in sense. Got a support ticket out and wait for feedback.

Keep on telling the water heater that the “Device is not on” when the dryer is incorrectly showing as a water heater detection. It should eventually straighten out. Religion is the key to learning.

Similar here. My dishwasher shows up as my coffee maker but the one that bothers me is one of my Mitsubishi condensers shows up as ‘stove on’ which isn’t reassuring when not home.

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I have the opposite problem: After many months Sense still can’t identify my Keurig coffee maker (on several times a day), or my toaster, toaster oven, dishwasher, cloths washer, warm air humidifier (cycles on several times an hour).

It finds the cloths dryer (gas) occasionally and one garage door opener, but not the second other one (just silent – not confused with the first).

The power meter is useful for looking at those things but without notifications of activity it’s impossible to use Sense for detecting waste.

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