Detection of Devices Messed Up

I’ve had the Sense installed for almost four weeks. The Sense app has “detected” various devices, but most detections are inaccurate. For example, it detected my Cuisinart water kettle and even identified it as a Kettle. When I used the kettle, the Sense app would show that this device was On. Then, the same device ‘Kettle’ would show as on when I turned on one of the burners on my electric stove. Now, the same device ‘Kettle’ shows as on when I use the water kettle or the burners on my stove. I checked to make sure another device had not been merged with the Kettle and that is not the case. How do I fix it?

Two thoughts:

  1. Give Sense another month, before trying to tune its behavior. It may take more time to collect enough data on the burner to detect it as a new device. Heating elements about the same size/power usage are a challenge for Sense.
  2. After that time, if Sense hasn’t separated Kettle and Burner, calling them both Kettle, you can give feedback when the Kettle bubble is up, but due to the Burner. When that happens, so into the Kettle device > Settings > Manage > Report A Problem and click on Device is Not On. It might take one report of it might take 20, but that will likely improve rejection of the Burner as Kettle.