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Hi there, installed Sense a couple of weeks ago, and I’m watching Sense detect devices… Not so many so far. My issue is that it is detecting my Tesla High Power Wall charger as a heat source but today, the Tesla is not plugged in… and the clothes dryer went on and Sense said it was the Tesla Charger… Then on another time, when the micro oven went on, and now I notice… not all the time… but when the A/C turns on. (It does correctly sense when the furnace fan is on, either on circulation or when the A/C turns on…)

How do I correct Sense and the devices it detects? It is basically only correct 1/3 of the time out of the 3 items it has lumped into one device.

Another consideration… Initially, the Tesla wall charger was detected as a heat source (I read in the forums that EV chargers can be detected…) I renamed it Tesla Charger. (but neither the clothes dryer or oven were on - and I had just plugged in the car to charge - so I assume…

Thanks in advance.


The first thing I’d do is use the “report a problem” at the bottom of the device’s information (at least on iOS devices). This will allow you to describe the issue and get a help desk ticket. You could also just manually delete the device and force Sense to relearn it (hopefully properly the second go). I’ve found that the help desk folks are usually pretty quick respond and helpful.

I remember being one week in and being pretty disappointed. I stuck with it and I’m “ok” with it. It’s getting a line share of my devices. I’m still a bit unhappy with my other bubble, but overall it captures almost all the major players. It still hasn’t picked up my washing machine which really bugs me and I’m curious to see what happens this fall when I start using my heat (we have forced air gas).

Good luck!


Hey @1shermanlee,

Just to clarify, you had an unnamed heat source detected and named it ‘Tesla Charger’, and then had this device trigger as ‘On’ when your tesla was not charging?

I’m inclined to think that it may not be your tesla charger based on your description. I also had one of technical support members take a look and it also looks like the wattage for the device is much less than what it would be for a tesla charger.

My suggestion would be to change the name back to ‘Heat 1’ and enable alerts on the device so you know exactly when the device comes on. We have a blog article on the subject of hunting down unnamed devices that might be helpful:

In terms of EV detection, it is still a field we are working on but it is likely that your tesla charger will be detected in the next few weeks. Sense needs to see a device running a number of times for it to be detected, and since EV chargers run less frequently than say, your fridge, it may take another few weeks.

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