Garage door is not detected after 6 months

@kevin1 yes it’s DC circuit board that switches DC motor. Do you know why it’s tricky to detect by any chance?

With an AC garage door drive, the line-in pretty much connects directly with the motor so Sense “sees” the signature of a motor activated by a relay/switch. With a DC drive, the line-in looks like an AC to DC power supply that could be in a million different types of devices. Right now, Sense just looks a a very short, maybe half second signature, to determine what kind of device is turning on - the signature for your opener likely looks closer to big desktop computer turning on, than an electric motor.

Found mine in just a few days. Chamberlain

Old, power hungry garage door detected while the newer more efficient has not.

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My garage door is one of the few things Sense detected. It doesn’t use much power but I know exactly when my daughter got home at night!

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