Is this the first DC Garage Door Opener detected?

On Monday I had my first new detection since March. This brings me up to 11 devices total since I installed on 11/1/19.

It took me a while to figure this one out because I had this to go by:

I tried my range and freezer lights, even a couple of LEDs I have. Then I noticed the last time it turned on. Right around the time I leave for work. The opener’s lights have already been detected, but it’s spotty. I use 100W equivalent CFL’s which get detected when they warm up a bit. I thought Sense was getting confused by this. I finally figured it out when I got home from work today.

I had the “Now” view opened and opened the garage and was disappointed the bubble didn’t pop up. Then I drove in and closed the garage and “Device 2” popped up! I opened the door again, nothing. Closed and SUCCESS! I’m happy with 1/2 of a detection. At least this proves to me Sense is still learning my devices.

The peaks are about 84 watts, and the opener is a Chamberlain HD930EV.


Out of curiosity, why do you say “DC garage door”? Is your entirely battery powered? If not, wouldn’t it still be powered by alternating current?

My garage door opener hasn’t been detected yet, but I also don’t use it that often. Are you a twice-a-day user of it?

We have two “DC garage openers”, used many times a day because they are our primary access to the house. So, every time we go in/out (work/mail/groceries/dogs/etc/etc) they get used. After 2.5 years, Sense hasn’t detected either one and, from what I read, it never will. The reason is that Sense uses on/off A/C signatures and these both appear as battery chargers…variable amount of power but never an on/off cycle.

It has a DC motor. Because of that it uses less electricity, is quieter, and has à battery backup. I believe any model which has battery backup is a DC motor. Here in California, this is all you can buy and install by code since July 1, 2019.

If you search through this site, historically I believe no one has or was expecting their DC Opener to ever be detected.

Regarding my use, I believe Sense is still “figuring things out.” In April and all months previous - 0 openings. May - 2, June - 71, July - 58, August - 5. It wouldn’t be surprising if Sense understated things a bit on detections, would it? That said, I am the only occupant here.

I’ve not had garage door detection for years and have read in various Sense threads that it can; detect things (motors or otherwise) that actually run on battery power and have a built in charger.

Perhaps that’s too simple an explanation if your unit(s) are showing some detection after all. Fingers crossed