Sense no longer detects my garage door opener while raising the door

A year and a half ago, the first device that Sense identified was my garage door opener. The profiles while raising/lowering the door looked slightly different. In any event, as of last week, Sense recognizes the opener while lowering the door, but not while raising it.

The capacitor for that motor hasn’t been changed in 12 years, so it’s possible that the power use profile for raising the door has changed. But it’s also possible that being Sense has “forgotten” the pattern and will “remember” it again after a while - that’s happened with other appliances.


I have exactly the same situation - Sense only sees the garage door closing. However, Sense had never identified the garage door opening in the first place. It seems like the detector for garage door closers needs attention to tweak the opening electrical characteristics.

The current draw for opening is typically a little more than closing, though not by much if the door is well counterbalanced. But if you have a lightweight door and the counterbalance spring breaks, your opener might be muscling through lifting the full weight of the door.

ps: All three of my garage doors are detected under the same bubble, both when raising and lowering.

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