Liftmaster 8500W garage door opener detection expectations?

Has anyone had one of these units detected? It is a DC motor behind a battery backup so I’m kind of not expecting it to be found, but still curious if anyone has had theirs detected. :beers:

We have two of these, and in 2.5 years Sense hasn’t detected them. From everything I read, there is zero chance that it ever will, so your only choice is to put HS110’s in front of it. Note that still won’t tell you opening and closing accurately because what you would be measuring is the battery charging system, not the motor. But it wo7uld tell you the power cost of running your garage doors over time.

In our case, two large doors and active use, it’s tens of dollars annually, probably not worth the cost of the 110’s.


Thanks for confirming. I’ll let them stay in Always On without an HS110. :slight_smile:

BTW, we’ve had these for a decade since we built this home and we really love them, By far the best door openers I’ve ever owned, even if they are not “Sense friendly”.


These are the kind of things I measure on my Traveller HS110 once for a couple days, then use the results to quantify the effect on Always On, and move the Traveller to the next destination.

@andy, the silence alone compared to the original openers is amazing. :sunglasses:

No native detection of the 8500 either. I have 1 8500 and 2 8500w’s.


Sense does detect the old school AC openers, but DC motors keep real usage hidden. It would be interesting to see a trace on an HS110. But even after native detection, things get tricky with AC motors. Sense found all the motors on my three 8355Ws, but doesn’t detect the 20W stemming from the two lightbulbs. It also seem that “improved” models have begun separating ups and downs, on one of my doors, where ups aren’t found by the same detection anymore.