Hypothetical question dealing with identical devices

This is NOT an issue I’m experiencing, just something that popped into my head…

What if I had 2 or 3 garage door openers all the same and all on the same circuit. Would Sense be able to identify each of them or would it be fooled into thinking it was a single device. The same question would apply to multiples of any device.

I have two refrigerators. They are different makes/models, but draw about the same amount of power. Sense, on occasion, cannot differentiate the two.

When that happens, you can notify the sense team. They’ll usually try to improve their algorithms.

I have two garage door openers, and it has identified one of them but indicates that device is on when either door is opened. It’s been that way from the beginning in fact.

My two garage door openers are also treated as the same device.

It’s definitely a challenge to separate identical devices in that way. If the identical devices are on different phases (which I realize is not what you mentioned in your example), it does makes separating them easier.

yes I have same problem. I have 3 refrigerators and Sense cannot tell them apart. Wish there was a way to fix this but none that I can see. Sense just can’t see any differences in the 3 refrigerators.

Actually, you are lucky. Sense didn’t find my original refridge for 8 months, and hasn’t found my replacement yet…and I only have one. Be glad it found anything!

three of my little refrigerators are behind my bar but they are different models. All three of the little refrigerators are on the same circuit because of location in the house.