Fridge plus mystery heat device


I’ve had sense about five weeks and it’s picked up ten devices. The fridge was the first and seemed obvious, but then a mystery heat2 showed up and after a week or so of agonizing, I decided it must be the defrost cycle on the fridge.

Now, about 2-3 weeks later, I have another mystery heat3 device. it can NOT be anything except the fridge as it comes on when everything else is off.

The fridge is a GE model: FGSS6KKYCSS (two doors up top with pull out freezer below) purchased about ~5yrs ago at most.

two questions:
1)Does anyone know if there are THREE individual elements that sense would ID in this fridge or have I miss-identified one of the three detections?
2) this fridge has been an expensive POS from the beginning. the freezer is great. the fridge is warmish but freezes in the back where there is supposed to airflow. the icemaker works - i’m not sure how as it both freezes up and drips, seemingly at the same time (i’ve replaced various parts, but internet knowledge seems to indicate the fridge is actually just a POS) - … so the second question is, could my fridge be so messed up that sense is confused about it?

I have screen shots of these, but i’m not sure how to upload them.


Your fridge seems to be a dual evaporator fridge with an ice maker up top. It calls for at least three heating elements (my best guess).

I have installed Sense less than two weeks ago and I too see the mister heat element as a device. I know it is the ice maker and was able to diagnose a malfunction in my fridge. Sense game me some more info I needed for the repair man.

Mine is a Whirlpool. I have also experienced more or less of what you are going through.


Thank you Latimerf,

Any thoughts on if I should combine these three devices to be “fridge” or if there is a benefit to seeing them individually?


Hey Becky,

It really depends on if you have any need to track different fridge components. My guess would be no, but that’s up to you. Merging devices is non-destructive though, meaning if you want to give it a try and then later find a use case for having them separate, you can always unmerge them.


Thank you Ben,

On one hand, I’d like to combine them to get more of a total picture of the electric cost of the fridge, but I’m also sold on Sense’s ability to predict failure… given that I know this particular device is only a matter of time, I’ll likely go ahead and combine them.

I didn’t realize I would be able to unmerge them. That’s very handy.

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