I *should* have a ridiculous amount of ice, according to Sense

We have an ice maker in our fridge, but don’t use a lot of ice. I’m talking like twice a month. So the bin fills up, and there’s no real reason for the water to dispense into the tray or the compressor to kick on (other than the freezer compressor). So I’m seeing this ‘ice maker’ come on all the time and I don’t know why. We have a second fridge in the garage, but no ice. We have a beverage/wine fridge (that might be one of my fridges I haven’

t ID’ed yet). And we have a chest freezer I converted to a kegerator (with a temp cycler - but I’m pretty sure I already ID’ed that one). So - any ideas what this ice maker could be?

The Sense-detected “Ice Maker” device may well be a component (compressor/pump) of another detected device … or even a partial detection of that component.

The 40w(ish) could be a partial detection of small compressor. Zoom in and check the period the waveform runs for.

Fridges/freezers are hard for Sense to nail and especially to discriminate from multiple such devices. A fridge usually reads as at least 3 separate components: compressor, defrost element, light. Add ice making and you have a “device” that has 4 or 5 or more electrical signatures. Putting a smart plug (HS110) on one or all would help with accurately tracking them and allowing for reliable alerts. Unless you like warm beer.