A tale of two Fridges


I have one side by side Fridge Freezer, yet sense has detected two Fridges could these be two parts of the same device? ie. the Fridge and the Freezer part,

They are occasionally both on at the same time.

Any thoughts?


Seems it is most likely duplicate for the one Fridge I have.


Many devices in our homes are actually compound devices. A fridge has a compressor motor, a light that turns when you open the door, and/or a motor that shoots out ice.

Even though I’ve had Sense installed for only a few weeks, my dryer is listed as two devices: a heater and a motor. I know the heater is the big heater that heats the air. I’m not sure if the motor runs the blower or turns the drum. All part of the fun of using Sense!


Same here! Funny thing is, the drum motor is only recognized when the heating element isn’t on, and only after the drying is done… my dryer goes through a few cycles of spin every 5 minutes or so after drying finishes. That’s when the motor is called out.


And it also has a fan for defrosting, and a heater to release the ice cubes from the ice maker, and a motor to move the ice cubes through the ice maker as it makes them.


Anybody have experience with “integrated” Subzero separates (standalone fridge, freezer, and wine column) ? I have one of each, plus separate U-Line under counter wine fridge, but Sense identifies 6 refrigerators, some of which seem to be interchangeable components of several of my refrigeration devices. I’ve done some experiments playing with the breakers, but I’m having a hard time finding exact, deterministic correlation, plus the units are so quiet that I have a hard time telling which one has the compressors/fans turned on. Any thoughts or hints ??


Kevin1, I have the same situation, separate Sub Zero refrigerator, freezer, and wine refrigerator and also a second Sub Zero refrigerator (one in kitchen, another in pantry). You’re right, they are sometimes hard to hear unless it’s real quiet in the room/house. 3 days in now, yesterday evening a “Fridge” popped up and I thought it was the kitchen SZ but it turned out to be the pantry one, I think. I say I think because they are both the same model (601R) although one was manufactured in 1999 and the other in 2004 so I’m hoping there will be some signature difference between the two. I’ve had confusion between two of the same model garage door opener in that Sense sees them as the same device, so I’m waiting to see if the same thing happens with the SZ refrigerators. I’ll keep you all posted.


Thanks davidferri,
Let me know if you find any documentation from Sub-zero or elsewhere that tells a little more about operation of the fans and compressors. I’ve seen some docs that state the that compressor fan is on all the time for some Sub-zero models, but not mine:

My newish models also have a poorly documented “Smart Grid” feature. At present, that means it connects via an add-on card to a high end home automation system. Still trying to figure out if anything can be made of that for figuring out usage.


@kevin1 Thanks for the response and references. Neither apply to my situation. To complicate matters, I realized I have fourth refrigerator - one that I had forgotten about, a dorm sized one, although it’s not a Sub Zero. That much more of a challenge for the Sense.

Interesting how Sense is making me more aware of what electronic devices are in the house - and that’s a high bar since I thought I was pretty well aware already.



I am new to Sense and having the exact same issue as the original poster, @nsmithson. Sense has identified two “fridges” in my home. I have a GE Profile refrigerator/freezer in my kitchen and a GE freezer in the garage. At first I thought that Sense had figured out both devices. However, I’ve noticed that when either fridge or fridge2 is sensed as on, that I can hear the GE Profile refrigerator/freezer running.

I understand the various components that make up a refrigerator/freezer. However, I would have thought that the identification of a fridge would be for the compressor and it would be up to the user to merge the light, ice cube maker heater, etc.

Is it possible for a refrigerator/freezer to have 2 energy signatures related to the compressor? Sometimes I’m seeing Fridge and Fridge2 on at the same time but other times they are operating independently.

Thanks in advance for the help.