How to separate the fridge from the freezer

Both of these have a similar signature (spike on, then lower steady operation), but in the graph it’s clear that one has a wider (longer duration) initial spike and higher demand - that would be the fridge, based on observation – and one a narrower spike an lower demand - that is the freezer. They get treated by Sense as a single device. Any way to separate them?

I’m having a similar issue, but with heat-related appliances. What started out as my oven, now includes the toaster oven, the deep fryer, the popcorn popper, and, as of this morning, the dishwasher. Would be interested in any thoughts from the community…

A new version came out today with this feature:
“Indicate ‘Device is not on’ - If Sense is showing a device as ‘On’ but you know it’s not, you can give us a heads up. We’ll use this information to improve device detection not only in your home, but for the whole Sense community.”

I’m going to use to make my device an oven again, and not 5 appliances.