Fridge #2 when we only have one fridge!

A couple days back I suddenly got a new Fridge 2 - could this be the freezer? I ONLY have one fridge in the whole house :). Thoughts?

Does it correlate with your actual fridge, i.e., when Sense shows it as on, is the fridge actually running?

The only way I can correlate it is by “hearing” the Fridge2 right? Technically speaking it should be running at the same time as FridgeOriginal or maybe its different if its the freezer? Then the challenge is how to differentiate between the bottom freezer sound and top fridge sound!

Any idease

Are you sure your fridge and freezer have separate components?
Most have only one compressor for the fridge/freezer combination unless you get into the luxury category of appliances.

^ what he said. It’s unlikely (though possible) they’re separate. However, it is absolutely possible for a device to be detected twice. I am certainly not a fridge expert, but devices can be detected in duplicate if they run in different modes. Perhaps something like that is occurring here.

Can you post a few screenshots from each device’s Power Meter? Preferably one close and one far away.