A tale of one Refrigerator


It s GE GSHF5KGXGCWW with factory installed Icemaker. The Icemaker was detected first, and comes on when we dispense Ice. Then came a community name Refrigerator, which I accepted. I merged these two devices as Refrigedeezer. Next came a motor 1 detection. I set the notifications on for Motor 1 and sniffed around. Sure enough I discovered a very small heat sink fan was running each time. So I merged the three devices. Without fail, when I see the fridge shows on I can walk over a listen to something running there. I think detection succeeded on this unit and hope it does not get deleted or altered.


Glad it got detected for you!

This sounds like the name of a dragon from a fantasy novel :dragon:


Refrigerator + Freezer = Refrigedeezer.

Yesterday a heat source was detected. That tested to be our Instant Pot.

A motor was also detected. I tested all of the fans, blow dryers, forced air furnace &ct. and cannot identify the motor. It might be a small motor that moves new ice into the ice tray in the freezer. It runs so sporadically and infrequently that it might be some time before I can nail it down.

I’ve had 9 device detections since I set up after Christmas and must say I am pleased. Still waiting on the furnace, induction burners, and quite a few LED lights.