What component of my fridge could this be?


So my Sense monitor found the first component of my fridge a while back which I confirmed was the ice maker, which only shows it’s on when I’m getting ice. Recently Sense has found another device, and I believe it is another part of the fridge, but I’m not quite sure what part it may be, and was hoping you guys could identify it. I’m not an expert on refrigerators lol. When the device comes, it first spikes at around 307W for a second, and drops down and fluctuates between 250w - 244w for around 23 minuets, and then shuts off. This happens maybe once or twice a day. When the device comes on, my fridge will make a very low hissing sound periodically, that sounds like a coffee pot heating water, completely different from that of the normal hum the compressor??..makes, kicking on and off throughout the day, which it hasn’t found yet.

The refrigerator model: LG- LFXS24623S /00


Defrost or otherwise related to the ice maker.


Sounds like the defroster running.


That is for sure your Defroster in the Freezer. Hissing is dripping water on the heating coils.