Help Me Identify This Mystery Device

I’ve been trying to identify this device for MONTHS now without any success. It comes on for about 10-15 minutes every 2 days or so, usually around 10am-12pm or 3-4pm, and draws fairly consistently around 460W. I’m attaching the suggested Community Names, but I’ve slowly eliminated all of the suggestions, one by one. I’m at a loss as to what this is. Any thoughts?

Could this be my refrigerator’s defrost cycle? According to the specs:

On Demand Pulsed Defrost System: Adaptive Defrost


That would be my guess - I’ve seen a few defrosters operating in similar frequency and pattern looks like a heating element.


Did this device first come in as “Heat1” or was it never found? I have a “Heat1” that I’m thinking is my fridge defrost cycle as well, 15 minutes each time.

Unclear what you mean by “never found”. It was found and initially labeled “Heat #” (don’t remember the exact #), which indicates that Sense thinks it’s a heating element.

By ‘not found’ I thought you may have seen something in the bar graphs that Sense wasn’t giving a name to at all. I suppose “Heat1” for me could be the defrost cycle or the heating element in the ice maker that melts the cubes so that they can drop out of the tray.