Fun new device detected


So Sense detected “Device 1” today which apparently is something that only turns on for 2s at a time and has done so 17 times this month. Looks like just once a day or so. This’ll be a fun one to figure out what it really is. :thinking:


Do you have any motion activated security lights around your home? I had something similar pop up recently where I had a device turning on for 60 seconds and at random times of the day. Turned out it was a security light on the side of my house. 2 seconds is a very short duration so maybe it’s something else but I thought I’d share.


Turn on notifications and post of shot of the actual power signature is Sense has populated that data yet.


Could be a startup Spike for a motor or heat element. I know last winter Sense did not identify my electric furnace, but it did identify the startup Spike as a device.
You can set notifications for heat or motor devices to to see what is related… if it’s an unidentified device, maybe the notifications will help you see what just turned on… notifications will arrive after the device or startup Spike already turned off.


No I don’t have anything like that unfortunately. It’s really weird as it’s exactly 2s every time but not every day.


Same time everyday? Or same/similar amount of time between the events. Lastly, do you own a fish tank?


It seems to either turn on for 2-3 seconds between 4-5 PM or 9-10PM and only once a day, except for a week ago or so where it turned on between 4-5 PM and 9-10 PM for 2-3 seconds. I do not own a fish tank.
Last night it turned on around 9:03 PM for 3 seconds, Unfortunately I was at a Metallica concert so wasn’t able to grab the power signature.


Actually I scrolled back in the PowerMeter until 9:00-9:15 PM last night and this is what it shows. The spike is the signature of the 3 second turn on/off of “Device 1”


Do you have a multi zone HVAC system? My duct dampers cause extremely brief blips while they switch between upstairs and downstairs.


No I don’t have a multi-zone HVAC system. Still no clue what this may be. I’ve tried to “catch” it in the act, but have not been able to.


I am interested in figuring this out. This is gonna be a though one.


I am with @MachoDrone, looks like a start up spike and the rest of it is lost in the noise. Senate pump, sump pump, something like that. I am going to go back thru my devices and see if anything resembles that.


The power meter view above doesn’t really support the theory of it being a startup spike with sustained usage not captured by Sense. Startup spikes are rarely that long and there is no increased usage visible in the power meter after the spike.

I don’t have much constructive to add, other than that some appliances will use their fan for short bursts to sense temperature and/or humidity, such as dehumidifiers and room air conditioners. They turn on the fan briefly to get a fresh air sample into the unit for evaluation by internal sensors.


As other suggested, easiest way to track down a mystery device is to enable the on/off notifications and then when you get one…furiously ask everyone in the house “What did you just turn on a few seconds ago?!”. :grin:


Yeah I have done that but we were all sitting on the couch watching TV last night when this device did his 3 second thing.