Help identifying a pulsing "Device 1"

Hi, just wondering if anybody has seen anything similar to this before? It’s about 40W and seems to turn on pretty frequently. It also seems to be pulsing slightly every 5 minutes when it’s on. Thoughts?

Ideally we need some more info like

  • Mains Power Meter view for same time periods as Device view
  • Longer time period
  • Device Stats

Left alone I wouldn’t be surprised if Sense nails that one and renames “Device 1” to something a lot closer to what it actually is, eventually. What Community Names is Sense suggesting?

Do you have Christmas LED strand lights that have the flickering or dancing feature?

Does it run like that 24 hours a day? If not, what other things are running during the time that this device shows up? If so, do you have other things that run 24/7 (like an aquarium, pond, security cameras)?

@ixu Yeah, I am in the process of getting more data to help and am making some area line charts. As a side effect, I have been able to determine Heat 2 is part of my oven and that Heat 3 is part of the drying cycle of my dishwasher. Here’s the suggested community names:

@samwooly1 I thought the same thing and put all the Christmas lights on a solid pattern. I even unplugged them all but it still shows up as active.

@qrnef It’s on most of the day, but not 24 hours. Although, it possible that Sense is falsely detecting it as off sometimes. There doesn’t seem to be an obvious pattern so far. Some of the things I haven’t tried unplugging yet while it’s on are my router, modem, and fridge.

I have a couple more HS300s arriving today which I’m hoping will help with the router, modem, and some game consoles.

I wonder…does Sense detect itself? :thinking:

Sense probably sees itself as part of Always On, since the electrical load of that device would be fairly constant. I think I read that it’s a constant ~5W.

Do you have an air purifier with a UV sterilizer? Maybe this is the UV component? I thought the same for if you had an aquarium or pond (UV sterilizer).

Ah, I do have three air purifiers which are usually on, but none of them are UV. I’ve tried turning them on and off but it doesn’t seem to affect Device 1. No aquarium, pond, or security camera. Good suggestions though.

Interesting pattern which doesn’t look like a motor or heating element. Do you have some unusual electronics in your house?

Yes, I have some occupancy/motion sensors some of which have remote battery powered sensors that communicate via RF. Just thought of that now.

I tried graphing all the detected devices using the data export feature. This ended up being too coarse to give any clues (and very time consuming to create).

It does also kind of look like a sleeping Xbox One now that I have that connected to a smart plug, but the pulses are different shapes.

I think I will have to wait until the family is out sometime and I can freely start shutting off breakers and unplugging various “essential devices” :slight_smile:

Long story short: It’s my fridge!

This was detected again after being deleted and I was near the fridge when I heard it kick on and this device turned on. I stayed nearby and it turned off right as the fridge stopped making noise.

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