How about creating list of known discovered devices



I know this has been asked before, but you know what would be really helpful is for you guys to list all of the known devices that Sense has been able to find to date. It would help some of us discover maybe what some of our devices are that we are having difficulty with. Maybe along with the device list you could list avg power consumption. Wow that would help me. I have a device that comes on at all sorts of odd times, for a couple seconds, while we are in bed. Same with a motor that comes on at odd times, uninitiated. That would be something relatively easy for you guys to do and would help all of us with identification!


It’s a little difficult to give a comprehensive list of every device detected, in part cause we don’t know every device that has been detected. That’s where the mystery device, renaming, and machine learning comes in to some extent.

Right now we have an article in our help section that outlines what some mystery devices may be: (towards the middle). We could work on building this list out with some wattage information if that would helpful!

The community of Sense users here are also pretty sharp and may be helpful to help you ID a device if you share a screenshot of the power meter of that motor, with some other clues.


Ben, yes folks are helpful here. But I know there would be a lot of time
saved by all if, rather than taking screen shots, going on line and
communicating back and forth and brainstorming, there was simply a list
of known devices and wattages. I know you don’t know every device that
has been detected, but you certainly know a ton. For instance, maybe
someone has information on a furnace ignitor and what wattage it uses.
Or a router, or a computer monitor etc etc. You get the point.
A lot of times I see great ideas around the community with a response of
"I will pass that along to the team" and that is the end of it. I know
you guys are busy but I guess what I am saying is, if I had a vested
interest in Sense and someone mentioned a great idea that would help
customers, possibly lower the workload a bit by not having to converse
so much with someone having trouble identifying a device, and general
improve the service my response to a good suggestion would be, "that is
a great idea, I will present it today and have it done shortly!
It takes very little time to compile a list of known devices along with
wattages and link it up.


Also Ben, I did read the post that you mentioned above. It is a very basic list regarding devices. The other thing for me at least that is making it extremely frustrating at identifying mystery devices is the fact that my notifications don’t work. It is something that Zach assures me the “team” is working on. So I am handicapped by the fact that I am not provided with a feature that would be extremely helpful in the identification process. I am told that there are several of us that are unable to get notifications. This is not simply a minor annoyance. I think it is mandatory and should be a priority to get “notices” operating properly as soon as possible.

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