Data Collection and Management

Analyzing inductive information from wires is beyond my knowledge scope, but not my understanding. Years+ in IT information management and IE workflow and labor management, I understand the issues, many managers thought they could collect all the data by automation, it can mature, there can be a lot of assistance from the human touch.

It’s great to plug in a box and tell me everything I want to know, but from all the posts that seems to be challenge by ones with more electronics than I. In the beginning, call it what you will, learning, training, identifying; so, I have no issue of touring my home with tablet in hand, turn on a device, let it run, turn it off.(one at a time). Sense should let me name that wattage change, After several times, Sense should connect the dots.

Of course the next level is chasing that aren’t easily turned on and off, but least the daily manually operated devices have been named. And Sense should not delete or forget devices not found, they need to be reviewed in a zero/low usage report.

That could be a whole white paper, so that’s my 25 words or less.
Thanks for listening!!

The problem is that power usage in not linear. Some use more at startup, others sleep etc.
PCs would have to be the worst. The ability to spin up and down HDDs, CPUs, monitors and fans. Eco power management must be a real challenge to deal with.

No doubt, and to me that’s why external identification would help. I did my scenario around the house on at a time using the now panel, each on showed a +watts and the off showed about the same -watts. Did lights, TVs, fans, heaters, etc., then overlapped devices, yet the +/- was about the same for any given device. So, a name to the +/- would just add to the Sense matching process. If we get the easy ones named, it’s less confusion going after the mysteries.

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