2 min ON every 15 to 30 min. 212-214w

I have a device detected as “Light” but it is definite Not any light in my house.
I tried turning everything Off when it shows as ON (during those 2 minutes) and nothing turned it to OFF in Sense.
I even tripped the main breakers one by one, and nothing caused it to be OFF.
I have a solar system installed, and I can’t figure out where is this 212w coming from. Any idea?

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In doing the analysis of what this might represent, you should start by looking in the main Power Meter rather than the detected-device meter.

Compare that main meter waveform with the Sense-detected waveform.

The most likely candidate is something like a Keurig coffee maker …

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I don’t have a coffee machine, and I turned off power of the whole kitchen, and it was still ON

As @ixu pointed out, watching your timeline for the whole power meter will help.
If you could post a screenshot of that device power meter zoomed in so the individual waveform could be seen would also help in identifying the type of device.

I had a similar detection. Was the ice maker in my freezer. Turning breakers off is not a good way to find devices btw because sense doesn’t actually know when a device turns off, it needs to see it’s “off signature” and if the power is just suddenly cut there won’t be a signature to see.


I am actually looking at the wattage being drawn that is shown with Sense. But here’s also a zoomed screenshot of the wave of the device.
Thanks for helping crack this down.

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@samwooly1 mine is happening every 15 to 30 minutes. No trend detected yet, and when it happens, it keeping consuming power for a bit less than 2 minutes

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It appears to me as a hearing element of some kind. With things like motors and compressors, there is an initial spike in the waveform as the device starts up.
Someone (@waterboysh) replied above about an ice maker. In freezer ice makers usually have a small heating element that is energize to allow the loosening of the cubes. If this is yours, I don’t know. But you could raise the arm in the ice maker which shuts it off. Then see if you still get this alert.

Here is my ice maker.

If you look closely, you’ll notice a small spike after each waveform. It’s actually 2 combined Sense detections. The heater that @samwooly1 mentioned runs for a couple of minutes to loosen the ice, then it dumps the ice, I believe that small spike is the valve allowing more water into the unit.

Here’s an up close shot of a single waveform.

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That small spike at the end could also be the tiny motor that operates the lever to turn on and shut off the ice maker.
This lever raise before the heater kicks on and then the ic dumps. The motor them lowers this wire and if the ice tray is full, won’t lower all the way. This tells the ice maker to stop making ice. When enough ice is removed, the wire lowers and the cycle begins again.

@waterboysh that is almost identical to my waves, except I don’t have the spike after it.
I have 2 fridges, and a freezer. One of the fridges I don’t use its ice maker, so I will disconnect that to eliminate it. I will try to track and if I figure it out, I will update. Thanks a lot for the insight.

It was indeed the ice maker in my garage fridge. I am not using that ice maker but I had it still connected. Now it is disconnected, I haven’t seen any activity for 2 hours. That is really weird but I am thankful for your knowledge guys and your help.


One thing about the “Sense experience” is that it’s absolutely amazing how many different things draw power in our homes, completely un-noticed. Many of them are small, but they do add up. Unfortunately for tracking them down, many of those are constantly on, defeating Sense’s transition processing algorithms. It’s still useful to know the always on power consumption, which gets us thinking about such devices. In my case, one of them turned out to be a TIVO, left running 24x7x365 in a rarely used guest bedroom.

I’m in the process of adding smart plugs to both the entertainment center and my computer center. I suspect that both of those account for most of my always on power at this point.


Even in the small apartment I live in, it does indeed sometimes boggle the mind (@andy) how many devices are using electrons.

If you stick around in Sense Land, @nader.hammoud, you’ll realize that the iterative technology at the core of Sense is very much dependent upon the morsels of intelligence that Sense Land residents bring to the system.

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i had the same problem come to find out the fridge light was comming on