The true cost of a Keurig? Found mystery device


I’ve had this since day one, this little 5 second bump of usage around 240 watts. This happens every single minute without fail. I’ve racked my brain trying to figure it out because when I calculate the cost, it’s $2.70-$3.00 a month. (Cooreted this figure thanks to @MachoDrone observation)
Sense has not detected this which kind of surprises me but it doesn’t matter now because Sense helped me get what I felel is a positive diagnosis.
How I found out went like this. I was home alone and turned off all circuits except for sense and the modem/router. I would turn on a breaker and observe for a few minutes. When I didn’t see the bump I would turn that breaker off and turn on the next one. I have about 40 breakers so this took awhile.
I never saw the bump. I was really confused now. Then the wife came home and she went to make a cup of coffe and the Keurig defaults to off on power failure and restoration so she turned it on and like usual the Keurig showed it’s 1500 watt draw for about a minute.
Right after that the mystery 240 watt draw started every minute after. I’m thinking the Keurig must have 2 heaters I know it has 2 pumps but I think one heater is for faster recovery and the other to maintain temperature.
I’m going to turn the Keurig off tonight and see if the mystery bump trul disappears.



I’m sure your keurig uses far less than $20/ month.
What formula are you using?

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Have I got the math wrong? Must have somewhere
I got something wrong somewhere because just doing math in my head is far less



This is what the Keurig device page
From sense looks like for me just from
Today and about 3-4 hours way from not
Drinking anymore coffee.
This page just reflects the 1500 watt element. I think
I added both the 1500 and 240 element originally.
Yes, I drink more coffee than average !
Doesn’t it appear that 7 cents daily is 2.10 a month? And appears like I forgot to move the decimal over so it’s around $2.70 or $3.00 a month. Thanks for the correction.image|281x500

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Unplug the Keurig itself (vs flipping breakers which is almost certainly turning off a lot of other devices at the same time) and see if you can 100% isolate it.

If it does turn out to be the keurig, it’s possible your model has some sort of keep-warm circuitry in it that may be keeping the water at a slightly elevated temperature so that it can be “ready to go” a little bit quicker for a rush coffee.



There are 2 heaters in it as suspected. And they use just what sense has been
reporting for anyone that has a mystery 200-400 watt heating device coming on
every minute
Keurig® home brewers use the most power during their initial startup. When heating for the first time after being off, peak usage is 1,500 watts. If the power is kept on, the brewer will keep the internal tank up to temperature using between 200 – 400 watts when heating. while idle and not maintaining heat.

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Thank @oshapilot, that’s how I attempted the first time and go nowhere
I was more confused. So Instead of eliminating I went the other way and
it proved fruitful. Not at first. I had to wait until the wife turned it back on
and it went into idle state. This is a positive detection, not for sense. Just
for me and my sanity wondering what in the world turns on for a few seconds
every minute. I’ve tested and confirmed and jut put up a copy from the web
also explaining it.



If you look in the setup screen on the Keurig (assuming it’s one of the models with a LCD screen) you may be able to disable this feature.

Personally, I’d find it very wasteful, even though it’s only a few dollars a month. Even worse in the summer when that little bit of heat 24/7 (however small) makes ones AC work just that little bit harder removing the waste heat. :wink:

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Yeah, the wife is wanting me to setup the timer to reduce waste. i Drink my last cup around 11 and first around 7 so I can cut it by a third. Why on earth I haven’t done this sooner considering the other things I have in place is just dumb on my part.



Finding these previously unknown phantom loads is one of the biggest features of devices like Sense. Without it, reality is, you’d have never known that your Keurig was even doing this to begin with.

For a household with many of these previously unknown phantom loads or an excessive “always on” for whatever reason, suddenly being made aware of them and coming up with a plan to reduce or eliminate many of them can result in very real money savings.

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I believe your right about this feature, it’s the real time view I think is most useful to me. This month I told the family it’s life as usual but next month we make changes. For instance; my wife or I take a shower and it’s 11 minutes recovery time for the water heater my son and daughter are 30- 40 minutes.



I took your advice @oshawapilot and setup the
Timer on the Keurig. You won’t believe this but it
Doesn’t tie it all the way off,!that small heater continues to do the same fee second draw every minute. It only turns off the screen and makes it where you can’t brew a cup. Terrible timer feature On their part. Off should men’s off.



Sadly on a lot of devices nowadays off doesn’t truly mean off. Manufacturers just don’t bet on people having devices like Sense that let them see that reality. :wink:



I had an outlet energy monitoring device and saw this usage when the Keurig switch was off, so I installed a small outlet switch to turn the entire device off. Works well.

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I have a Kuerig and although sense has not picked it up yet I noticed it right away like you have described. Mine is an older one and has a switch on the back of it so we turn it off whenever its not in use. Not sure if the newer ones have a switch…



I also have an older one and found (through other brand of energy monitoring) that the Keurig uses a small bit of power via the wall plug EVEN when the switch in the back is off. Had to put a wall plug switch to completely turn the coffee maker off!