Really weird non-washer washer detected

Hey all,

Sense discovered a washer but it is definitely not the washer. I’m confused as to what it can be as it is almost a consistent spike every few minutes.

Sense detects it as constantly turning on and off but I have no idea what it is. I was thinking maybe refrigerator or aquarium pumps/filter?

Resembles the secondary heater in a Keurig
coffee maker.


Thank you!!!

It definitely was the Keurig. After unplugging it, it went offline. Amazing how much power it uses. It goes on and off 40x a day, funny how Sense thought it was a washer.


Hmmm…on my Keurig we just hit the off button until we are ready to use it again. The inconvenience of waiting a minute for it to heat up is worth not having it maintain heat 24x7.

I’m a pretentious snob with coffee so I either brew with a chemex, aeropress, or moka, but I’m curious…

Can someone who leaves their Keurig on all the time (maybe you @andy?) give me the total watts used over the course of a day? I’m wondering how much it’d cost to run like that in my home with my $.25 rate. Occasionally, my wife will get lazy and not want to brew on the low-tech toys, so I need some ammo to convince her how much the convenience will cost. :smile:

Mine uses 0.1 kWh a day or 2 cents a day on my $.13 rate.

You can go into settings and set how long the machine will stay on before it turns itself off. My wife never turns it off, ever…

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Mine peaked at around 5kWh a day when I had it on on all day. At 26c per kWh it comes out to a dollar a day. Not really worth it.

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