Unsure of Heat Device 1

Hey guys! I live in Southern California and I have had Sense installed for about 5 days now and it’s detected 3 devices. It detected the Fridge, Garage Door, and Heat Device 1.

Heat Device 1 is baffling me as I’m unsure what it exactly is. It turns on once every 2 minutes for 20 seconds and uses about 676w when it’s on.

I attached a screenshot. Any clue? Thanks!

Things like Keurig coffee machines do this but that wattage is much higher than mi e. Mine uses 245 watts and comes on for 5 seconds every minute unless it’s unplugged.

I have a similar experience. On day 2 it detected a similar heat device 1 running similarly. It has not recorded any activity since day 3 and I am a week into Sense.

I too have a “new” device found (the only one so far) that it chose to call “Heat 1”.

I am a few days into a new install of Sense + Solar. I went around the house and power cycled every device I could think of that may have a resistive heater in it, but not luck in getting “Heat 1” to show as on.

Heat 1 has only come on for a short period on 1 day, but it was on 34 times for an average of 36 seconds per cycle consuming an average 348w.

I’ll followup if I figure it out or if it shows up again. Otherwise I am going to delete the device and see if it comes back.

We have a Keurig that’s a pretty basic model. I found out that it seems to be the Keurig. Maybe the newer Keurigs use less wattage but once I turn it on, like actually on and not standby, Heat 1 comes on immediately and uses quite a bit of wattage and then drops down to around 600-700 watts periodically when it’s just keeping the water hot.

The one I’m using now is newer but still about 2 years old. When it s on and brewing, it uses 1500 watts. That is the detect ion I have for it. After that heater runs for a minute or two, the secondary 250 watt comes on a few seconds each minute.
From what I’ve been able to find, you are correct and the newer ones use less electricity. The older models had a larger secondary heater.