Mystery device

I see something cycling on about every 1 mi, ~ 70 watts. it is on ALL the time and shows up on the meter as a constant feature… It can’t be a demand device, since so regular. power size suggests some sort of electronic. a friend with a similar power meter has the exact same signature, so it must be reasonably common.

any ideas?

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please post a picture of the meter with the signal that you’re in question of as well as a zoomed in picture of the wave form so others can see if it matches anything they have.


I meant to do so but, forgot! here is a screenshot of the meter.

Looks like myt Keurig coffee maker. Could also be plumbing heat tape to keep pipes from freezing or heat pump crankcase heater. Can you double check the wattage? 70 would be low for keurig but just relight for heat tape

I am in california so not heater tapes. don;t have a keurig. yes, it is ~ 70w, but the thing that floors me is the tick-tock regularity.

That is strange and it’s really low wattage too. Only other thing comes to mind is waterbed heater or aquarium heater. I guess could be anything trying to maintain heat. My daughter has a dragon but I don’t know what the heater she has does.