Any suggestions on what might use about 240 watts approximately every minute or so for days?

I have one of my 3 Sense monitors at a house I use for Airbnb and short term rentals. I had a couple check in with their dog on Friday a bit after noon and around 8am on Sunday morning started the 240W “pulse” that has continued and thus I just noticed it. They generally are only in the house from about 9-11pm to about 9-11 am, yet this energy pulse continues…I will see if I can add a pic shortly. If it is something of mine that I can alter via my smartplugs that would be good to. If it is the guest’s devide (more likely) I am just curious as to what it might be and then maybe request future guests with the same device to only leave it on while they are there to use it, if that is possible.

The first pic is the current duration of the guest’s stay.

The second pic is a zoom in that shows the smooth energy lines before arounr 8am and the pulse since.

The third pic is a close up of the pulses to show duration and interval.

Is it cold out where you are? To me that looks like an electric blanket that’s been left on. They pulse around every minute to maintain temp. The higher the temp it’s set to, the quicker the on/off cycle - think of it as a crude PWM. My queen size blanket draws 135W per side (2 zone).


Good call … the signature looks like something resistive vs a motor.

That wattage (as heat) is also in the realm of a small floor heating pad; at around 12W/sqft ==> 20sqft.

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That would be very good thought! Don’t most blankets turn themselves off after 1-12 hours?

It is cold out but the strange thing is it didn’t turn on until 8am (when they were already up and about).

And even more strange Is they turned on the AC the night before last while temps were in the high 30s outside! I had to inform them not to do that in case the outside parts freeze…

Perhaps it could be a fan pulsing off and on? Seems high for a fan, though.

Hmmm…I wonder if maybe a warming blanket for their hunting dog who is in the house because they like the house so cold for themselves? They said they are from Maine and initially wanted the house set at 78 but had turned it down to 65 and 62 prior to turning on the AC…

Would there be something else “resistive” that might cycle like that?

It appears that the pulse lasts about 5 seconds each time. What about some kind of razor sanitizer, medical equipment or maybe a set of Christmas lights? Or something charging that never fully charged?? I’m perplexed?

Many options … or maybe very few.

This is a good place to poke around

OR closer to home …

Most likely this is what you have, 240W:

@samwooly1 has done a nice analysis for the Device Library


I think you are probably right about the Keurig although mine is a K Classic. The fact it started in the morning supports t a that as well. They had specifically asked about what coffe makers I had and I have that and a regular pit coffee maker.

I thought that it automatically turned off after 2 hours but the manual shows this can be easily turned off by a touch of a button.

Thinking it strange that they didn’t use the Keurig the first morning though, I looked more closely and they actually had used it but at the 2 hour mark it turned off automatically. I will definitely look into the links and threads you sent but I believe you solved my mystery! Thanx!!! Now to decide about putting a smart plug up on the kitchen counter or not…amazing that people would rather use that much power 24 hours a day than wait an extra 4 minutes to actually turn it on in the morning…

Sump Pump? I have had my Sense installed for about 2 weeks. The sump pump was the first detected device and the on-off cycling pattern is very consistent based on ground water.

Although I am closer to 800W with my sump pump.

Thank you so much for figuring this out, it was driving me mad. I would have never figured this out since I don’t drink coffee… our tenants do.

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Looks like a Keurig