Question from a newbie

So i just got sense installed and noticed whilst watching my energy rigorously (the wife is already complaining about my new obsession) there is a spike every other minute in my
energy readings of about 200Ws…can i ask others, does this look normal, my sense has not detected anything yet so i just thought others may he able to assist…i am not looking for exact answers, just thoughts:) is it normal to spike like that all day …

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That appears to be your Keurig
They have a 1500 watt primary and
200-300 watt secondary heater.


ah interesting! very logical answer :slight_smile: could well be!

You think the wife is complaining now. This obsession can run deep. I e posted this pic before but here is how far I took it.
My very own “Sense Station”.


The awesomeness shines with this one!

Divorce: Pending.

^ @samwooly1 is the resident Keurig expert and I would almost bet he’s right on this one.

Every time I see your panel and that Sense talk bubble I want to get a Sharpie and write something in there. We should have a competition one day for what that should be.


I was trying to replicate the house shaped bubble on the monitor itself. I cheated on that part and it’s not painted. Just a printer label printed in a color to match, cut out and stuck on the panel.
I can’t remember how many times I painted, stripped and repainted u til I was happy with the color but think it was six times.
I do now have the paint codes and manufactures in case there was ever a reason to need it again. This project drove the wife crazy.
As you can tell, I’m very proud of it.
While I ha e my share of complaints, this pretty much sums up my feelings as a whole with Sense.
I’m sure my friends and neighbors are tired of getting pushed by the local Sense salesman (Me).

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