20W spikes every 30 secs


Been seeing these ~20W spikes since I hooked the Sense up. Sense has not detected what they are yet. Anyone else have similar and know what they could be?



Might be a Keurig if you have one.

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I’d second the Keurig possibility, or some other very frequently cycling (but small) heat source.

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Resembles a Keurig except 20 watts it’s not nearly enough. Unless you ha e the backup heater going out on one.

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No Keurig…

I was thinking something to do with wireless system (Orbi)…but I doubt I’ll see anything there. It’s on a UPS along with internet modem, Smartthings hub, Amazon Fire TV Cube and home theater pc. Could it be the UPS itself?


how about a Roomba or Neato that’s recharging?

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I do have an EcoVac Deebot. I’ll have to check into that. I’ll unplug it and see if it stops. I’ll report back.

Thanks @Edison517!