Repeated Spike

Since I installed my monitor I receive an approximate 250V spike that repeats every minute. I have made sure all charging devices are unplugged. I have also unplugged my refrigerator and freezer to see if it could be a capacitor charging. I have run out of ideas. Anyone have a similar experience and solved it? Picture attached.

That looks like 250W not 250V.

Could be a coffee maker, other heating element or something similar.


Tried both coffee pots. Only heating elements have been identified by Sense Monitor.

Under sink water heaters, fish tank heaters, a 250W light switching on for a short time.

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No under stink heater or fish tank. Only lights over 250 watts are on my deck and shed. Do not have automatic turn on.

Are you sure you have unplugged all chargers ? Things like alarm system battery ?? Garage door battery ? UPS battery ?

Yes, no alarm system, garage door opener does not have a battery backup. Not sure what UPS battery is.
Thanks for the suggestions.

Jon, you were correct. It was my Keurig. What I though was “Standby Mode” was actually
“On Mode”. After I switched it to “Standby Mode” the spike is gone. It took turning off one breaker at a time to determine which room the issue was located. Thanks for the tip.


Do you perhaps mean 250 watts? I don’t think Sense reports line voltage, but if you were seeing such spikes in your voltage you should immediately contact your power company.

I typed incorrectly. It was watts.