Mystery Detection - 57W every 20 minutes or so

Does someone have any thoughts regarding what could generate a power usage goes on about every 20 minutes, with a load of about 57W ?

I disconnected many devices in the house, when the load is on, but was not able to identify the device yet.

General question, does sense log some of the data on the device, so that if I disconnect the wifi and all computers and backup drives in the house, it will still record the usage?

On your second question, as long as power to the Sense monitor is on and you keep your internet blackout to less than a few hours, Sense will store your data locally and upload/backfill to the cloud once reconnected.

Sounds like you are going to do the experiment of turning off each breaker, one-by-one for an hour or so to see if the mystery detection disappears ?

Sounds similar to my heatpump head units. When idle they consume a spike of power every 20 minutes to charge up a bit or something

It ended up being a freezer I thought I checked, but apparently didn’t check well :slight_smile:
Thank you for trying to help.

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