High spike every 30 secs or so

Hi. I’ve had a sense installed for about a year now. I haven’t done much with it in the way of confirming devices. Just let it do it’s thing. It’s in a second home used occasionally. I was playing around in it this weekend and I see some really odd, short spikes up around 1300w or so every 30 or so seconds. Spikes up for 2 or 3 seconds, then back down. Very consistent. Have not gone to every circuit but have unplugged a few things to see if it made a difference, which it didn’t. Usually that much draw would indicate to me a heat source or pump of sorts right? I did note that the system has detected and named my well pump but maybe if it’s kicking in quickly over and over for a short period it’s not reading that as a pump? I’m wondering if this is something in my home that has an issue I need to diagnose. Thanks.


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David… Welcome aboard the Sense Community forum. Device detection is cornerstone to ownership and everyone is more than happy to help you!

Please provide as much additional information as possible… It’s difficult to accurately determine much from a single 10-minute time frame.

Frequency/duration, concurrent activity, etc…

I am posting a screenshot from the web showing the last hour of usage. If I do it by day you can’t see the spikes as they are too frequent and constant.

Home Specs
3bdrm/2500 ft, built 2002
radiant boiler baseboard heat - boiler heats hot water tank
well water/septic
3 mini split units, not on but connected (circuit open)
3 fridges, 1 deep freeze
electric oven, W/D
electronics: plenty. 2 laptops, 2 tvs (new models), 8 Sonos, a few google homes, SmartThings, 3/4, hues, 4 satellite boxes, projector/AV system.

During the last hour, no lights on, no water activity (flushes/showers - all asleep), might have had a few boiler firings for hot water and heat.

Have 2 EV chargers but neither connected to vehicle.

Frequency is every ~30 secs, for 1-2 seconds, and it happens all day. It’s just easier to see when nothing else is turning on/off and spiking so the 6-7am window is ideal. Posted below.


Looks to me like a compressor that is trying to run but is stuck? Like a fridge compressor or something. Maybe check all your fridges/freezers and make sure they’re actually cold, and one step further, open the back and touch the compressor to see if it’s hot (in this case, if it’s jammed, it probably will be scalding hot).

Just an idea.

While that’s not a huge amount of power per day, it certainly isn’t normal for a properly functioning device. Looks like Sense has discovered a misbehaving device in your home, well worth tracking down. Can you provide additional information about your environment and some images of the spikes?

Is your septic system equipped with any pumps or compressors? If so, try turning off the breaker to that system and see if the spikes go away.

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