Help with high draw device

Thought I’d put this out here to see if anyone has any ideas. Device comes on for about 30 seconds almost every 30 minutes. There’s a big spike to start of like 2kw, then settles at 1kw for the 30 seconds. I normally wouldn’t worry too much about it, but it seems to coincide with the lights in the house flickering (sometimes) My first though was refrigerator compressor, but sense ‘knows’ my basement fridge, and it only hits 900w to start and maintains at like 150. I can’t imagine the kitchen fridge being much different.
Variable speed heat pump, so I don’t think it’s that. Seems like some kind of motor / compressor?

Is this a new device or something you just noticed? If you just noticed it, but it’s always been there, is it seasonal?

Looks like motor or compressor to me. Do you have a whole house dehumidifier?

If you have a basement, how about a sump pump?

I don’t pay a ton of attention to Sense, so I just noticed it. Not sure how long it’s been there or if it’s seasonal. I scrolled back as far as Nov 1 and still see it.

Don’t have a whole house dehumidifier. Have a small one in the basement that is currently off but not unplugged (it’s Winter here)

No sump in the basement. Have a small pump in the basement that’s part of a ‘laundry tray’ - Sense actually detected that one awhile ago and has since lost it. It only runs when the laundry is running though. I should probably get support involved at some point - detection here hasn’t been great. 2 years in and I only have 5 or 6 devices that it reliably detects.

It is almost exactly every 30 minutes.

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Sounds like it might just be your well pump, do you have a well?

Mine used to like clock work run ever 20 minutes, spike at 3kw and run at 1.6kw for a few seconds. My well pump has a long up hill excursion, so figured maybe check valve deep down in pump was wearing out (25 years old), so went to lowes, picked up a cheap check valve and cut the pipe in basement just before the pressure switch and glued it in. Boom now Pump does not run all night every 20 minutes.

Sense detected my well pump early on though, within first week or two.

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I do have a well pump and Sense did pick that one up pretty early on. It is a very similar signature, but a different device.


It definitely looks like a compressor. I’d eliminate it by turning into emergency heat if you have it. That way only supplement heat comes on, like electric or gas… Then see if it stops and then turn heat back on regular and see if it comes back. Has it identified it as anything yet like motor or heat? If so turn on the notification for that when it comes on and either it will be that or at least dismissed it… Do this for your well as well. Turn off well run faucet dry look to see if it’s still doing it, turn back on well breaker and see if it pulls up just well pump device or thus one as well… I’ve found a lot this way. But I will tell you compressors have that signatory tail spike. Imo


To me it looks like a water heater but your mileage may vary