Small 40 and 50 has watts few times per min (SOLVED)


ILovin the new sense! Installed it yesterday. I’ve cut my power from 2000kwh per month in half in the last 12 months by just doin the basics (100% LED in the entire home, insulation in the attic, new door sweeps, capping the fireplace chimney, new heat pump water heater and most importantly talking to the family about conservation. Even tho I haven’t detected a thing on sense yet, I am now aware of how much power my larger appliances are and how many watts they require to operate. I’m exited about what is coming. So far it has been a breeze. 30 min install and 30 second setup!

Ok my first tech question is what the heck is these little 40 and 50 watt spikes about 3 times per minute??? Not a problem but they are annoying me lol.

Best part. My house was idling at 120 Watts this morning after everyone left for school and work. 120 Watts is nothing! I was pumped!

Thanks everyone.


It looks like a smallish motor, but it’s really hard to guess without knowing what you have in your home.


Welcome aboard. These little loads can be fun to identify. Sense will start to pick things up on its own and you’ll have to wait until it finds that as a “mystery motor” or similar to name it properly and have it appear in your device list, but a little sleuthing while Sense is doing its first few weeks detection is helpful.

You’ll probably find those spikes appear in clusters over time, so have a look again zoomed out and see if the timing of the clusters matches something being active, as a first step


Hi getaccurate,
I also had a similar experience as soon as I installed my Sense. I have yet to take the action you have to save kwh, but just being aware has helped.

Hope the value you find continues. I do like this system.


Those little bumps look like a battery charger. Do you have a cell phone or hand tool, or roomba, that is charging its battery?


I have unplugged everything that would resemble this. All of my dewalt battery chargers are unplugged and might I add they suck a LOT of juice just sitting there with no battery to charge. Still looking. One iPhone charger was plugged in but not charging the phone. Ill check it next. I just don’t have anything else on or plugged in but Ill find it I promise! Ill report back! Thanks guys! Sense has started finding things! Fun!


Check your screen saver. My wife’s iMac has a similar signature when her screen saver kicks on showing photos.


Thanks all that helped! When installing my new heat pump water heater, I ran a dewalt battery down and stuck it on the charger. THAT was the little spikes. Solved!!!j

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