I want my Keurig back

Don’t know when it started but Sense discovered a Magic Chef Freezer and my Keurig coffee maker a while ago. The freezer starts up with a 871 watt spike and will go down to 65 watt for 10 minutes then it will shut off. The Keurig starts with 1386 watts for about a minute, goes down to 0 watts for 15 seconds and starts back up at 1386 watts. The process of making one cup of Joe takes about 4 minutes cycling on and off. At the screen shots you will see two different signatures but when I make a cup of coffee Sense tells me the freezer is on. The Keurig bubble is gone and to make matters worse the Keurig is not listed anymore in my devices, where did it go?

Freezer signature

Keurig Signature

I found the issue and the Keurig is back now. Somehow three devices where merged into one. I was able to untick the merged devices and the issue is resolved now.


Happy to hear that this was a simple fix @rverwij !

I have had my Sense for more than 3 years and I have NEVER had my Keurig recognized, the Nespresso on the same circuit it knows, but the Keurig is still OTHER even though I have a cup at least once a day during a completely electrically quiet time of the morning before ANYTHING else is on other than always on