Coffee Maker


I have opened a ticket with support for this, but thought I would post up here for discussion…

Sense has successfully detected my coffee maker, and my espresso maker (2 devices). In the last few days, Sense is now reporting another device which it is also calling ‘Coffee Maker’ This device is reported as ‘On’ when I am definitely not making coffee (or espresso). I went as far as unplugging the 2 correctly identified devices and the rogue ‘Coffee Maker’ still shows ‘On’. This new device fluctuates between 1W and 30W at a fairly frequent and regular cadence.

Anyone have any thoughts on what this device may be? Or what my next steps are?


This device might just have a signature that looks like a typical coffee maker. I have a phantom fridge I am working on finding.

If you see it on, can you go to your panel and one by one turn off breakers. This sucks for digital alarm clocks, but it might help you narrow down what this actually is.


OK…so if I do succeed in finding it, how do I proceed? Do I have to ‘forget’ the coffee maker and let it be re-detected (Sense thinks this is the same coffee maker as the real coffee maker)?


Nope, rename it or pick another description. Put in as much info as you can to help the database get built for the next person that finds something similar. If you find this is a sub-component of something else, you can merge it with that device to keep things together.


Thanks, @jasonemoyer.

I’m still confused - if I rename it, haven’t i renamed the real coffee maker? To recap, some weeks ago my real coffee maker was detected. In the app I added info (Make, Model, location). Now another device is being erroneously detected as the same coffee maker; but I know for a fact that it is a different device (how do I know? I unplugged the real coffee maker yesterday evening, but Sense has reported this unplugged device on for last 4h 59m). So, I need to rename the new device (to ‘unknown’, perhaps?) and let the real coffee maker be re-detected? Ir do I just keep reporting it as not on? Or do I sit back and wait and see if Sense can untangle itself? Or…


I get ya now. When you make coffee does this same device also appear as on? If so, the real coffee maker and the other device are both triggering the same profile. Am I on the same page now?


Yes - we are now on the same page :slight_smile:


Would this be a case to delete the device and have Sense re-discover them? It would seem that these two different items are both triggering On the same profile.


I would say yes, might be wise to just delete them. That said, a few days isn’t a very long time. If it was me, I’d let it do it’s thing for another week or so and if it’s still conflating them, then I’d delete.


Thanks @RyanAtSense.

The plot thickens…I just fired up the real coffee maker and it impacted the ‘Other’ bubble, and not the coffee maker bubble. Now, I can see from the timeline - and it fits my memory - that the last time I used the coffee maker was June 26th when it was correctly identified. So between 6/26 and 7/7 Sense forgot that coffee maker and substituted in something else.

(And for those of you following along at home, I didn’t take 2 week break from coffee…I had espresso instead of filter coffee :wink: .)

So, I guess I will see if I can hunt down what the new device is (and hope the real coffee maker is re-detected).

With only 6 (now 5) devices detected I don’t really want to delete stuff.


More info…two meter views, one from 6/26 and one from 7/9. How is it that Sense thinks these represent the same device?


You are waaaay too early in the game to worry. I love the Sense monitor, the documentation, the learning process, etc. The one thing that is misunderstood is how long it takes for devices to work themselves out. Give it some weeks on these two devices and expect a couple of months before you see 30+. It is really a cool device. It just take a little time to configure.


Perhaps way too early. But I have had Sense installed for a couple of months already.

No misunderstanding here…but I for one wonder how a device peaking at 30W could possibly be able to heat water for coffee in any reasonable time.


Or, for some of us, we’re well thru our second year, and still only 10 devices out of 114 detected…and those not consistantly


So I understand - can I expect Sense to eventually decide that a device is something other than what it is initially identified as? For example after more learning could Sense say “oh that’s actually a fridge compressor, not a coffee maker”. Or are labels ‘locked’?


My bad, I thought you only had it a couple of days.


Labels are locked at the moment. We see this as negative and it’s something we’re working on revamping (currently…we were just talking about this earlier today). The challenge is giving you the option to intervene so the algorithm doesn’t just undo all the naming/labeling work that you’ve done in the meantime.


Hahaha welcome to the horror which is the product you spent $300 on to beta test. Blessed be the algorithm, trust in the process.


Had a Sense for two years. Your statement isn’t valid.


It may be invalid for some, but it definitely rings true for a lot of users.