Coffee Pot Found - is it correct?


Hi all, i’m A new Sense user. Had my unit installed about 36 hours ago. Today, I got a notification that it found my Coffee Pot but the notification was at 3:30am! My Coffee Pot is plugged in all the time. I always set it up to come on at 5:45am to make coffee. Can this identification be correct? How do I check? If it’s wrong, what should I do? Thanks!


I just noticed that Sense thinks the Coffee Pot is off and it’s on so this must be wrong. What now?


When you get a notification thatsense has found a new device it doesn’t mean the device was running at that specific time. Once since has collected enough data on a device it has to go back and isolate the data “power signatures” previously collected and once done you get a notification. I just got a notification around 1:30am saying sense has detected my EV and when I looked at the data I was able to see all the data that was collected over the past 5 weeks that I’ve had sense installed. I’ve noticed that sense is pretty accurate when it comes to determining what devices it’s detected. Have fun playing with your sense and welcome to the sense family


When I turned the Coffee Pot off, I did not get notified even though I had notifications for it turned on. Doesn’t that confirm it identified the wrong source?


The longer you have sense installed and the more data it collects the more accurate it becomes but in the meantime as it finds devices you should go in and turn on notifications for that device and tell sense it’s a guess till you’re 100% sure it is what it thinks it is


I got a new notification about another motor that was discovered by sense this morning and this is how I adjusted the settings for it until I am 100% sure what it is


As you can see in my case sense says it’s most likely a furnace but because my furnace and air conditioner part of the HVAC system I chose to select HVAC instead because when it’s running during the summer I don’t want sense telling me the heats on when it’s actually the air conditioner because both units share the same fan in the attic

Oh and if sense is telling you that a device is on and you know for a fact that it isn’t then make sure you go into the device page and notify sense that it isn’t on.


Thanks Mike. I don’t see the guess option.

This is in the iPad app. Not sure if that matters.


These are screenshots from my iPhone so hopefully this helps.


Pictures uploaded out of order but the order is 1,3,2


I think because in my example there are not other categories, i.e the Coffee Maker shows 100% in my screenshot, there is no option to guess. At least I don’t see one anywhere.


BUT, I did just find a Guess option on the browser view of the device so I turned it on. No clue why I don’t see that in the iPhone or iPad app.


Does your coffee maker have some sort of “keep warm” function that runs? That could result in what seem like false on/off events.


Good point @RyanAtSense I forgot about the coffee makers that have a heater that keeps the reservoir hot while not currently brewing coffee


That’s why we turn ours (Keurig) off after using it. Re-heating only takes a couple of minutes and the insulation in these isn’t very good, so keeping them hot makes no sense ((-:wink: if you aren’t regularly brewing fresh cups.


The only keep warm is AFTER it brews coffee. Other than that, it should have a trickle of current to run the clock. The brew cycle starts at 5:45am.


I ha e a Keurig coffee maker and it’s detected for the 1500 watt element used right when a cup is brewed. It get notifications when a cup is made. Mine also has a 245 smaller element that turns on and off every minute for a few seconds like @RyanAtSense mentioned to keep warm.
Depending on the brand pot you have and model, there could be something like this happen with yours. Sense has trouble with conflating all my 120 volt heating devices at times.


Mine too. To brew, it needs really hot water and that’s why it takes a minute or so to heat up @ 1,500 watts after it’s been turned off for a while. That also means after brewing a cup it needs to quickly re-heat the chamber, in case someone wants another cup, so the same thing happens. When it’s been sitting idle, it needs all those frequent short jolts to keep the water hot so it’s instantly ready for another cup.

In our house, we drink several cups in the AM, and sometimes one more with desert after dinner. It makes no sense to keep the hot water sitting there for 10-22 hours idle, so we turn it off after the AM (and PM if applicable) uses. This results in an operating cost of about 14 cents/month, even with NH’s high electric bills.


I only turn mine off after 11pm.
I almost exclusively drink coffee and drink 12-20 daily. The wife and son each drink 2 or 3.
I was turning it off between cups for me but it wasn’t worth the inconvenience.


Wow! That’s about what I drink in a month.

Aside from the convenience, your keeping it hot almost certainly saves money.