Coffee Pot Found - is it correct?


@mcphersonkent - Welcome to the Sense community! I had mine installed about 2 weeks ago, so I’m also fairly new.

I’ve discovered that “device” in Sense may be only a component of a device. For example, my Sense has recognized the component of my Kuerig that keeps the unit warm AFTER my coffee is brewed.

I’ll pass along the advice I received at first. Just be patient and allow Sense to collect the data it needs — it takes a lot of data for ML applications. Turn on notifications and watch them for a day or two or three to see if you can make any correlations (time of use, length of use, etc) to your coffee pot usage or maybe to another similar device. If you remain stumped, take a screenshot and see if anyone on here may recognize it or have suggestions.

If all else fails, or if you’d rather go this route first, the Sense support team is awesome and very responsive!


So I ended up deleting this device from Sense. This is not a Kuerig type pot that needs to periodically keep the water hot. It’s a simple brewing coffee pot with a clock and timer. This morning after the brew cycle was complete and just the warmer was still on, I turned it off watching my Sense monitor on my phone. I didn’t even see a slight decrease in power usage. So whatever this was, it wasn’t the coffee pot. So it’s now gone and we’ll see if Sense finds the device again.

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Highly likely Sense will find again…


I wouldn’t delete devices in sense and I actually keep them and rename them once i know for sure what the device is. As soon as sense finds a device i turn on notifications for the device and begin my detective work to locate the device.

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I will do that next time. Thanks.


While I don’t like to delete devices, I have deleted quite a few.
If I have a detection with very little history where it hasn’t shown up in the last 2 weeks, I’ll definitely delete.

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