Coffee maker showing up as iron

My wife has a coffee addiction and makes several pots of coffee a day and i was starting to wonder why sense hasn’t detected the coffee maker yet but as soon as we got home she turned on her coffee maker while i was looking at my sense app and a big bubble popped up and said iron. mystery solved and i marked the iron bubble as not on.

If it’s a Keurig then watch your timeline for a 250 watt five second blip every minute. They have a 1500 watt and a 250 in them

Its a Ninja coffee maker

I wouldn’t report it as not on, I would rename the iron to what it actually is. Unless of course it actually detected the iron and is just confused because of similar signatures.

My wife is in her craft room working on projects now and her iron is showing up on the sense app as being on and its actually on. Like you said, sense was confusing her coffee maker as the iron because the power signatures are probably similar.

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I think he has a detection for both as their respective devices, they are just showing up mixed sometimes. I’ve had freezer and fridge do the same. After being able to catch the freezer reporting as fridge and reporting as not on a couple times, the mix up has pretty
Much stopped happening.
If you only have one detection @mike_gessner and it’s reporting as two different devices then I’d follow what @samheidieis saying.

I have a similar experience. Sense detected correctly my Iron - the same day it detected my wife’s Hair dryer. Then, days later when I turned on my Breville “the IQ kettle”, it showed up as Iron. Then, today when I turned on our wall oven, it identified the pre-heat stage as the Hair Dryer and when it reached the set temperature, the heat cycle was mistakenly identified as the Iron. Yes, I did submit ‘problem reports’ to Sense.

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