What to do about false detections?

So I had a detection, of a coffee maker, after my actual coffee maker was detected, and I confirmed my actual coffee maker was OFF.

So when it detected it, I labeled it as such.

It’s been happening on and off since the original detection, and I can’t tie it to anything I can see/hear) find at the times is happens.

Can the sense team so something about this on the backend?


What do you more experienced, sense users do in such situations?

Thank you!

Two questions:

  • Is this a different detected device than your originally detected coffee maker ? Or the same named detection, but happens when your real coffee maker is off ?
  • If it is a different detection, does Sense call it a coffee maker, or suggest that as the highest probability ? Usually when Sense has a new detection, it comes up with a device type (Heat), plus a list of 2-4 possibilities.

If there is an unknown detection that comes up for me, I just leave alone it until I can figure out what is is. There are few Sense blogs that give some ideas on how to identify hard-to-identify device detections, including this recent blog


I have an issue with Sense always calling my hot tub the oven, even though other than being 240v heating appliances they have little in common. I have pushed the Device Is Not On button some 160 times. I have contacted Sense about it on 3 or 4 occasions over the year and they have told me they did something, but it still doesn’t see the difference.