Device mistaken as somthing already identified (heat element)

I have an espresso machine that was recognized correctly. I recently started using a space heater that consistently gets recognized as the espresso machine.

Should I just report this as a problem when the space heater comes on?

Yes, use the “Report a problem”, “Not on” option via the tools gear wheel (in the Android app).

That should help the detection algorithms separate the espresso machine heater from the space heater.

If it doesn’t help after a number of cycles, send a message to the support team. They’re very responsive.

The machine learning process that Sense is using has tremendous potential but it needs lots of data from us users to allow the process to do its automated learning and for the super clever guys who produce the device models to refine their part of the puzzle.

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… and note that the “not on” option will not be available if the device is not actually on.

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I have the same thing, seems like Sense thinks my toaster (not yet identified) is the dishwasher. I just report that it is not on. I do wonder though, why is it sometimes when you do that, the mistaken devices disappears from the bubble screen, and sometimes it doesn’t? When I report the toaster is not the dishwasher, it just keeps the dishwasher there until the toaster is done.

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