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So this morning I was the only one up and decided to make a pot of coffee before leaving for work so i turned on the coffee maker that is plugged into a TP-link HS110 and connected to sense. As soon as the coffee maker turned on I got a notification that the iron turned on which was weird so i checked to make sure the iron wasn’t on and sure enough it was off and unplugged to i reported it through the app as not on and as soon as i did that the iron bubble went away and the coffee maker bubble popped up. Just figured i would mention this since it happened even though the device that is on a smart plug got recognized incorrectly.

I’ve had a similar experiences. My air handler is on a TP-link but periodically, Sense also “finds” it and reports it as “Motor 1” or some such. I’ve deleted the new “Motor 1” several times because I believe the TP-link is more reliable than the AI in Sense. I would have merged the two but Sense doesn’t allow it.

I also have a heat pump which Sense has identified but every now and then, it is identified as a new load. When this happens, the newly found load doesn’t have any recent data, it usually shows usage over a week old but when I try to view the wave forms, It doesn’t show. I’ve merged these once but can’t seem to do it again.

It’s not clear to me what happens with the data related to deleted new loads and what the impact is on the reliability of the usage data for loads that are already identified but being assigned to new loads

I started having more issues and TP-Link devices not showing up or showing up incorrectly and this morning I turned off network listening in settings and it seemed to fix my issue.

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You can merge a Sense-identified device with a device on a Smartplug. Go to Manage for the Smartplug device in the App. Go into “What’s plugged into this ?” and set the appropriate checkboxes. Just be aware that once you associate the Smartplug with the Sense device, you really can’t move the Smartplug around since the history is tied to the identified device. But merging will stop any double counting of power usage.

I have this kind of merged setup for both of my furnaces.

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I’ll give it a try next time.