Anyone have a new detection of a device behind a Smart Plug?

As the title says, has anyone had a detection native from the Sense monitor that you have behind a smart plug of any kind?

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Only smart plugs NOT supported by Sense integration. Space Heater was detected on a smart things smart plug. I’m pretty sure Sense stated that there wouldn’t be any detections on the backside of supported smart plugs just don’t recall where.

That was my understanding as well. You get HS110 monitoring or you take your chances on Sense native monitoring, not both.

I’m pretty sure that I observed sense removing the power draw from Other for the Smart plug it’s monitoring, and you can name it.

I added HS110s to my 2 furnaces after Sense had already detected the two air handlers with a middling degree of accuracy (some conflation, and some missed). I properly configures “What’s this plugged in to ?”

Pre-smartplug experiements and conflation here.

I eventually deleted the Sense-detected devices but they were fairly quickly rediscovered.

That tells me my feeling about deleting devices but not all the data attached is probably correct.
I have AC2 on its third detection now.
But are you saying they were detected while plugged into an HD110 and it was a sense only detection?

Only the second detection, for each, happened after I installed the HS110s.

Interesting, I personally haven’t seen any detections of devices behind a plug but MOST are behind what I call impossible devices.

I’d hope that it doesn’t ‘match up’ the signature between the plug and monitor and disregard it’s normal learning methods just because it’s being monitored already.

So far only previously discovered, then deleted devices were rediscovered behind a plug…

So @samheidie and @kevin1
Does this make you question what “deleting” actually does?
Sure looks like something was left behind for the rediscovery to happen. If something is left behind and still attached to the detection then I’m thinking that would hinder other detections if it was conflated with another device. We delete them for a reason. Looks like another question to ask

I wasn’t so surprised. The model of your device isn’t erased, and neither is your raw data history - the model is just disassociated.

Yes, I had a laser printer and Ice machine in my refrigerator detect behind the Kasa HS110 Smart Plug. I since replaced the refrigerator but the laser printer is still behind it and detected when it cycles.

However, I noticed only sense detected devices appear in the power meter. None of my Kasa smart plugs (hs110 and hs300) are showing it’s labels. I posted this question last night, but it’s not yet approved.

Was this on purpose? I’d prefer to have labels appear for all my devices. They do appear in the timeline.

Assume you are talking about the number and device labels that are tagged on the spikes in the main Power Meter. I think those are reserved for something very special - transitions that the Sense monitor considers “interesting enough” to try to categorize. As a longtime Sense user, I prefer not to clutter those by adding smart plug detections for two reasons.

  • The labels do give a view on what Sense is “thinking” about detections
  • There are plenty of other places to see the data from smart plugs - they have their own device power meters, they show up in timeline/alerts (if you want), the bubbles. Plus best of all, smart plugs have special treatment with respect to they own Always On, plus Idle detection.

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