Dedicated Circuit Monitoring with Branch Circuits

I just installed my flex sensor to monitor my pool equipment. I have the flex sensor on the breaker that feeds a sub panel that operates the pool equipment. Does anyone know if the algorithm will continue to identify any subcomponents or does this lock all my pool equipment as one item?

@billlokey Dedicated Circuit Monitoring wasn’t necessarily designed to work with branch circuits (circuits that power more than one device), but it will still pick up the usage of the circuit as a singular device. The subcomponents on that breaker will show as one device and Sense will not continue to identify individual devices on that circuit.

If Sense has detected any of the equipment/devices on that circuit (that you’re aware of), be sure to merge it with the dedicated circuit device after set-up to avoid duplication.

Thanks Justin, that is what I figured. It is definitely useful to know what all the pool equipment is using. However any data Sense get from my flex sensor will be useless for others.