Sub Panel monitoring...?

I’d like to monitor a sub-panel separately from the main panel. Basement apartment rental. - Let me guess… :wink: I can do that with the “solar” add-on cables? I’m assuming I’d get accurate monthly readouts of total energy consumed via the sub-panel? - and that the individual devices powered by the sub would still be popping up in the regular section of the Sense software?.. Is there any different or easier way to do it? - There is no “individual circuit” monitor accessory I could attach the the double pole breaker serving the sub-panel - or anything like that? - Thanks!

I monitor one of my 240V sub-panels using Flex sensors and Direct Circuit Monitoring. The sub-panel shows up and is monitored (bubbles, device trends) as a special DCM device.

Looks like exactly what I need… As a newbie though, I need a little more clarification:
“Flex Sensors” are the things advertised for solar - right?
and you say “and” direct circuit monitoring? - You’re meaning that everything powered by the panel just shows up (or doesn’t) “normally” - but that the panel itself is depicted as a separate entity?
Thanks very much!

Flex sensors are the same as solar sensors, but Sense has changed the name to reflect multiple use models.

DCM is this newish type of monitoring circuits, instead of devices. The sub-panel under DCM will show up as a device with its own entry and power meter history.

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