Flex cables and sub-panel question

Hi - I’ve seen a lot of questions/comments but I’m still not clear on the definitive “answer.” If I have a sub-panel that will power a basement apartment I will rent out, can I use flex cables to monitor it directly and get a “total kwh used” number every month? – It seems I’d have two options for hook up(?) I could attach to the main feeds in the sub-panel OR I could attach to the same cables at the 100amp breaker in the main panel. (- essentially, the same thing I suppose?). I imagine there will be “double counting” of the circuits in the sub-panel (?) - but would it provide me with a clean total kwh used number each month anyway? If not, anyone have a “best answer” for this scenario? (cheap good meter for subpanel anywhere?) - Thanks!

Seems like an excellent use for a Flex Cable and DCM (direct circuit monitoring). You would need to do via the 2 CT 240V setup. The only tricky part is that there is a point in the setup when you need to turn on the “device”. I suspect that you would need to turn on a device inside the basement apartment that uses power from each leg at the same time, or maybe multiple device (you can’t just flip the breaker). FYI - I’m monitoring a floor heating subpanel with mine.

Thanks - I’ll print this out and try if I ever get this thing done… :wink:

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