Monitoring a sub panel?

I’ve got a sense on my main panel with solar monitoring. It’s okay for total use monitoring, but identifying individual devices hasn’t been great. It is able to see my EV when it charges, but I was wondering if I could add a second sense to my sub panel and use the extra sensor on that to directly measure the EV’s consumption.

Posts I looked at from years ago said you can’t add multiple monitors, but has that been improved by now?

I have a second Sense that I use for two dedicated circuit monitors, because I’m in the same situation as you - already have solar and my main Sense is tapped out. Second Sense works just fine with the following caveats.

  • Requires a second Sense account, so the results are not combined in the Sense app. I use Home Assistant to combine.
  • My setup uses Flex Sensors on second Sense for DCM, with the primary set of CTs on the mains. There might have been a way to use the primary CTs to monitor a third 240V circuit, if the circuit has power flowing continuously.
  • You might need to connect with Sense support because using for sub-panels, without seeing the solar feed-ins confused the Sense auto-setup.

More on my experience here.

ps: If you have a Square D/Wiser smart load center (breaker box), I think you can get the green Wiser version of the Sense monitor to meter all the smart breakers in the panel. Wiser Energy is the Wiser / Square D variant of the Sense energy monitor.

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This is what I was hoping was improved. I absolutely do not want to deal with a second account.

I’m just gonna have to buy a system that has multiple channels (and an open API).

For me the multi-channel system isn’t even an option. I have far too many circuits (over 100) and the other options out there are 16-32 channel “toys” where the solar monitoring doesn’t work that well anyway (I have a neighbor with a similar set of panel that on which he tried to make a dedicated CT per breaker system work and he ended up with a mess that he threw away).

Surprised that you can’t use the Sense API.

I’m far from a competent programmer and I’ve been able to make it work for my needs. Plus the Home Assistant Integration that uses it adds a lot of additional functionality, especially when it comes to multiple accounts.