Adding a second Sense monitor?

My Sense monitor is in my main electrical panel, my solar is on a 200 amp breaker in the same panel, however the solar panels are 250 feet away and go through my shop first. Nothing in my shop has been identified after 3 months. I was told it would not read devices when solar was in production, so I excepted some issues. My solar system is a lease so they monitor the solar production before my shop sub panel.

The best way to get accurate power usage and solar production is to shut down everything in my shop. Not really an option.
Or run a new line from the mains to the shop and isolate the shop from the solar. Again, not cost effective.
Or wifi Ct’s for the solar legs and remote the Ct’s to the shop solar feed. They don’t make those yet.
Or buy a second unit and run two separate accounts and try to correlate the two accounts manually?

If I buy another unit, will both units see the same devices on the solar leg? Will the units conflict with each other? At least if I buy a new unit, I will be able to isolate my shop power costs.


Great question. I talked to our technical support team and it seems the easiest thing to do would probably be to get a second Sense monitor and have one on your main panel and one on your subpanel. The main panel’s solar readings would be somewhat inaccurate, (since it would be reading the net out the subpanel) whereas the solar readings from the subpanel would be accurate. Having a monitor on your subpanel would provide more accurate readings of your shop as well. Just keep in mind that while Sense will be able to accurately monitor consumption there, it may not identify all the shop devices individually (given that we don’t have a huge library of shop device specific algorithms at this stage).

In terms of correlating two monitors, we don’t currently have a feature to automatically correlate the two, so it would unfortunately be manual correlation at this stage.

Hope that’s clear!

After adding my second Sense monitor in my shop, I powered the unit, got the beep, all programed. Now to watch all the new info rolling in.

Notice on the upper left is the antenna.

Both monitors.

2017-09-07 13-55

Shop monitor

2017-09-07 13-55 (1)

House monitor.

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