What does this look like?


I had two more detections yesterday and were named (by Sense) “dishwasher 2” and “stove”.
I’m posting an image from the power meter from the device “dishwasher 2”
This is definitely not a dishwasher. First, it’s about 400 watts which is too low compared to my accurately detected 1700 watt Frigidaire.
And the other reason are run times. It runs at least once a day and sometimes twice, about 10-12 hours apart. The once a day is always in the midnight hour and each time it runs it’s for right around 10 minutes.
I was thinking refrigerator defrost but the waveform is not a solid on-run-off. It’s broken up on the last half like it’s turning off and quickly turning back on.
Any ideas? Anyone have a fridge defrost that looks similar?