Modern Washing Machines Natively Detected?

Hello all,

Sense had found my old, circadian 2000, washing machine fairly quickly after installation. Unfortunately for me the drum was leaking and it got replaced with a new modern fancy one. I see a couple similar models in the device library, but they all seem to be detected via smart plug. Does anyone have a fairly recent washing machine that was natively detected? I’ve waited 10 or so load so far and nothing, but have two KP-115s coming today. One will be for my modern fridge which has been giving Sense a heck of a time to detect, and the other is a spare. Wondering if I should use this on the washer.

Opinions welcome, and thanks!

Sense hasn’t found my relatively new Sears front loader in over two years and I’ve not put it on a smart plug so far. Sense did detect my dryer motor (dryer is 240v), but hasn’t reliably found my dryer heater(s).

Mine is the opposite - Sense found the dryer 240V heating but not the 120V tumbler.

Old washers with AC motors are likely detectable by Sense. New washers with electronic control of the DC motors used for pumps and the tumbler/spin control, probably won’t be detected. My new LG washer is a “hot mess” of transitions and I had to put it on an HS110:

I’m the same as Kevin. My circa 2000 dryer is gas, so I was surprised when Sense found something that used a lot of voltage. Investigation revealed the heating element. No motor though, so I put that on a HS110.

Your detection was what I saw in the device library. My new one is also an LG, a front loader, so I will put a plug on it and call it a day.

brian5… My late model Samsung washer and dryer were found. Front loaded on the washer. Electric dryer. Sense even picks up the reversing of the washer with the pause and show 1 watt before it starts in the opposite direction. Don’t remember how long it took to find them. I will get the models if you need… Not sure how you can look them up. I put the models in my app. My 2 cents…Gerry…

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My dryer was found but not my 3 year old Samsung front loader. I find it interesting that sense is picking up every little things on Fridges and AC units but not mine.

Sense has never found my 5 year old Samsung front load washer after 2-1/2 years since installation. I’m pretty sure it found all the parts of the dryer but absolutely no part of the dryer.

Sense found my old front-load washer (Whirlpool circa 2009) and my new washer (Maytag 2019) and built models for both. The pattern is pretty crazy, and the Sense native detection gets most of the usage, but not all the exact details. For example, if I run a steam wash, it doesn’t detect the usage of the steam heater. So I added a smartplug to the washer and now all of the detailed usage is captured.

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